Monday, 31 January 2011

Blythe Meet at the V&A

This saturday I went to the London Blythe meet at the V&A. I had been a little apprehensive as I'm not so bulletproof to some of the stares as others can be but I decided I would try to do my best to ignore the reaction of the uninitiated when confronted with the sight of grown women playing with dolls, because I wanted to have fun, dammit! I did decide that I would just turn up in case I wimped out on the way and nobody would have to know my silliness about attending! Yep, what a loser.

Anyhow, I'm so glad I grew a pair because I got to meet up with some of the lovely ladies from the last meet I attended which was a good eight months ago now (I agonised about last time too, ha!) I had a lot of fun chatting Blythe and Non-Blythe whilst enjoying the beautiful dolls that had been brought along. 

The hot blonde is Suzy's Kenner and the gorgeous redhead is Laura Kate's. Your eyes are not deceiving you, there were TWO Kenner's at the meet. 

I also got to meet Laura Kate's Kiss Me True. She had the softest hair and I was totally impressed with her face-up. When she had been released I'd been put off by the fact the description said she had shimmery lips. They were not what I'd been picturing in my head and had  a lovely rich colour.

Next up is Pen's (Suzy's Goldie) minion Kuma. Last time I was at a meet I was bowled over by Sai's Odeco, Momo and ended up with a Chotto Punk not so long after and now it's mini Kuma that has stole my heart!

There were two Goldie's as well (Spoiled I know!) and this is KidCrayola's Megumi! I loved her apple dress and spiffy headband.

I just want to say thank you to everyone at the meet for bringing their lovely dolls (I didn't take enough pics by far!) and themselves! I had a great time and can't wait for BlytheCon UK! Roll on October!


  1. You took great pictures! It was nice to see Suzy's Blondie. Her hair looks so beautiful. Glad you had fun! Linda (hollychan2)


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