Friday, 14 January 2011

Bookmarked: with Pippin PART ONE!

It's Pippin's turn to show off a bit about herself via what she's loving at the mo. Take it away Pippin!

(image: modcloth)

1. These shoes are a bit out of my price range... O.K a lot, but that shouldn't stop me staring at them multiple times an hour, right?

(image: playlounge)

2. This plush looks so soft I just want to cuddle it and use it as a pillow and eat it. In that exact order.

(image: thisisblythe)

3. I reckon I could pull off the Charlotte Eyser look in these glasses. Nearly, right?!

(image: apartment therapy)

4. I love the colour of this settee. Who even knows if it's comfortable. Who even cares. I can definitely envision doing a ton of lounging on that. Hand held electric fan in one hand, tub of sorbet in the other.

(image: Wah Nails)

5. If they can work on nails as small as mine down at Wah, I'll be there in a heartbeat. No Joke.

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