Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bookmarked: with Pippin PART TWO!

Time for Part Two of Pippin's bookmarks. Five more of her cutest current faves.

(via: TTYA)

1. These overalls look really comfy and seeing as we've got the t-shirt floating around our shared wardrobe already... Although, Squiddly Dot keeps hogging it!

2. Every now and then I just love something really girly. It might actually be bigger than my head though.

3. How about a nice new pullring to look brighten up the rainy days before Summer?

4. Treeson is one of my ol' mates on the big desk we share with that giant girl with only one set of eyes. I don't trust people that squishy.

5. Sometimes (i.e. everyday) you just need something sweet to keep the day upbeat!


  1. I love pippin and her dungarees, shes one of my favourite blythes :)

  2. They are cool, I'm definitely going to have to get them at some point...


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