Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Outfit Peek.

Today my Rosie Red, Parkin is wearing a coat by Yan for Blythe, a Hilary Wagstaff dress (posing so she can show off the pretty sleeves) , tights by Blythe Dressing Room and a headband handmade by me.

Parkin is my right-hand woman/doll and so I'm going to hand it over and let her tell you something about herself.

10 Things I Know About Me

1. I don't carry a mobile phone, if you want to get in touch you'll have to send a carrier pigeon... or an owl. Yep, you'll have to send an owl like Hedwig.

(image: here)

(Erm, I think you've got the wrong Hedwig, Parkin.)

2. I always have to share my clothes. Just one time I'd like something to myself.

3. I never wear high heels. If you can't run in your shoes what are you going to do if you're being chased by a wild bear or rogue WonderFrog?! Hey, tell me?!

4. I really enjoy detective fiction, particularly those involving heists. I consider it research...
(image: here)

5.. I like to clip my hair to the side so you can see all my beautiful face. I'm not vain. I can't help it if CWC made this beautiful.

6. My favourite cereal is re-ment sized.

7. If I could have a superpower it would be to walk through walls. Specifically the armour plated walls of... (Parkin, I think you ought to stop there.)

(image: here)

8. Biscuits, biscuits and more biscuits. As long as they're coconut flavoured.

9. I am a compulsive collector and have secretly been hoarding hairclips. The shinier the better.

10. I have a thing for bald guys.

(image: me!)

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