Thursday, 27 January 2011

Raspberry Sorbet!

(images: Here)

I was going to do a different post today but having seen a link from ericahduh's twitter feed to the final design pics of Raspberry Sorbet I knew I had to post about this beautiful new Blythe!

I was all up for ignoring her release but now it might be a little harder to pass her by. Her stock is some of the best in a long time, in my opinion and could be very versatile.  Her little pink coat and her beret are my favourite pieces and look great with her special brown chips. Dolls with fringes do appeal to me a lot and when you add blushy cheeks it just melts my heart. You can read her official description here.

All in all, I'll probs hold back because I think I'd be tempted to re-root her to a more fantasy colour (my poor Very Vicky is awaiting this fate at the moment) and FBL's are more interesting to me at the moment. I'm sure she'd be a great addition to any collection especially for the cute box. It's one of my favourites with the cute illustrations and layout (below) which really shows off the doll and her stock.

Good times at CWC!

(Image: Here)


  1. I am suuuuch a sucker for dark haired girls. I love chocolatey brown colors, and she has such nice eye-chip colors that I know I wouldn't need to swap them out (like I did with my PuPe right after receiving her) Debating, because I had said my next would be a PD London. :/

  2. I love her stock even more than in the drawings. That shirt is great. I used to have one just like it in real life. :D

  3. Claribari - PD London is a pretty special girl but I can definitely see why you're having a dilemma!

    Sara - The stock is ace!


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