Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sugarless Gum Re-root!

A few months ago I started and finished a Sugarless Gum Re-root that was my second attempt at the lock and loop method. I am so happy with how it turned out! I don't have a before picture but the base doll is a Fruit Punch who I'm sure you all know.

I used a needle this time which worked out sooooo much better than using a crochet hook. I also made a new part line which made the whole thing a lot neater looking. 

I'm tempted to do a hot water treatment because it has turned out quite thick and it might tone down some of the poof but I'm happy with it for now.

I also repainted and glossed her lips which I might also redo at some point but again, I'm really happy with as a first attempt and changed three of her eye-chip sets. Unfortunately I lost some of her eyelashes trying to fix them from being bent and decided to remove them all but it suits her I think! She also got Liccafied!

Also, I haven't been able to think of a name for her and any help is appreciated!



  1. Love the hair. It goes perfectly with her eye make up.

  2. I was thinking you could call her candy floss because her hair is the exact colour of it!
    The hair looks really nice and your right about the eyelashes, she looks really naturally pretty.
    p.s I'm getting obssesed with your page, i look at it everyday!

  3. Thanks Vicky, Fruit Punch has such pretty mint eyeshadow

    Ta Becky, it's really kind of you to say so. I hope you keep enjoying it :) Plus, I'm starting to think she may be a Flossie thanks to your suggestion!

  4. Hi there, as you know I adore this doll, she must be the prettiest on I have ever seen!

  5. Fallen Light - I'm really flattered! She is very special to me :)


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